Announcing Our Next Seminar

Hi All.

I am very pleased to announce the next seminar in our 2018 Uechi International series of seminars.  Our first seminar held in January was a  huge success.

Please note the below information pertaining to the March 25th seminar held at Master Sensei Robert Bethoney’s dojo.

Note:  Seminar Guidelines:

  • Instructor: Master Sensei Robert Bethoney, 9th dan.
  • Location: Robert Bethoney Karate Academy
  • Address: 60 Monponsette St
  • Hanson, Ma.
  • Date: Sunday, March 25th, 2018
  • Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am
  • Cost: No Charge
  • Open to all Uechi International kyu & dan ranks, and specially invited guests.
  • Spaces for each seminar are limited due to Dojo size limitations.
  • Please RSVP to Jay Salhanick – President Uechi International / or
  • Uniform – White Gi.
  • Pictures are allowed.

 If I can answer any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,

Jay Salhanick

President: Uechi International


Holiday Message From The Chairman

Dear Friends and All that enjoy Uechi Ryu Karate-Do,

An Open Gate Message from Bob Campbell

Regardless of one’s beliefs, we should not have to we wait for Holidays recently just past, or soon to come within 2017, or forthcoming in 2018, to send our Best Wishes for Good Health & Happiness…. every day of the year and coming years…. in the celebration of the Holidays……

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Blessings for Lord Buddha

Joys for Ramadan

Blessings for Eid Al-Adha & Al-Adha Fitr

Blessings over Nip-pi ( Bali )

Blessings over Diwali-Deepavali ( India )


My personal favorites, Love Planet Earth, Love and Care for Nature & all its Wonderful Creatures.

Remain a Warrior at Heart & Scholar of Mind & Thought

Strength and Honor

Bob Campbell

Student for Life in the Martial Arts

Welcome our Newest Member

On behalf of Uechi International Chairman: Robert J. Campbell and Uechi International President: Jay Salhanick, we are very pleased to announce that Bill Ng has been appointed to the official position of The Uechi Ryu International Karate Association Official Representative & Ambassador for Hong Kong

Sensei Bill Ng is a direct student of Chairman Robert Campbell and has many years of extensive martial arts training and expertise in a variety of martial art systems. Bill is very well known and respected throughout the Southern China Martial Art Community and is a martial arts historian. He has studied and researched the true origins of multiple martial arts systems. Bill has a very analytical and fact-based mind when it comes to the martial arts. Bill researches the “Facts and Truth” of martial arts more than the folklore of martial arts.That is one reason his findings are accepted by all martial art associations within the Southern China Martial Art Community Bill is well known and respected throughout the Southern China Martial Art Community for his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the root systems of martial arts, and his ability to speak multiple Asian languages for translation into English. He also brings his excitement and enthusiasm to this distinguished position of Official Representative for Hong Kong. Bill will be our official representative in Hong Kong, attending multiple events in the name of Uechi International. Chairman Robert Campbell and President Jay Salhanick look forward to working with Bill Sensei for future years to come.

Biography of Bill Ng

It is my honor and pleasure to be a member of the Uechi Ryu International Karate-Do Association (UIKA) under the leadership of Master Sensei and Chairman: Robert J. Campbell.
Jay Sensei, you may remember the first time I reached out to your association Uechi International, several years ago, on or around October 2010. Prior to that, I searched for Uechi Ryu in Hong Kong at least 10 years ago and could not find it. However, I failed to search for the website named Uechi Ryu International Karate Association. However, once I finally located the website, I contacted you the Uechi International President- Jay Salhanick.Jay sensei helped me by putting me in direct contact with the Greatest Sensei I have ever met – Robert J. Campbell. Once I met and started my training with Sensei Campbell, I realized even with all my past Martial Art training, it made me clearly understand that Uechi Ryu is the most special Karate style and my personal preference for my future study.
I had my first training with Sensei Campbell in 2011, which was 6-7 years ago.This training opened my eyes and I truly started to learn and understand Sensei’s insights of Tiger Uechi Ryu which includes techniques from Sensei’s Timing Hands concepts.
I am just a novice in Tiger Uechi Ryu with the Timing Hands concept, however, I truly love it…! For the Timing Hands concept itself, when one understands its principle and projection, it could be applied to any Martial Arts system.It could be included to increase the power and accurately along with its practical street wise techniques.
As for Uechi Ryu, we could have the Kata and the movements to practice, practice and practice alone and with our partners, and to have unlimited possibilities for the development of the arts.One of the most important aspects that Sensei taught me was to be open-minded in Martial Arts.
I am very lucky to have found you, Sensei Jay, by having you as the President of Uechi International and the guardian of the gate of Uechi International. You opened the gate to me and forwarded my email to Sensei Campbell. If it was not for you, I would have lost my great, great chance to meet and study with Sensei Campbell. Also being accepted as a member of this great association, I am sincerely grateful to you for all your help and support.
I am also very grateful for my appointment, as the Uechi International representative to Hong Kong. I will keep learning all the time and practicing my training. I hope one day in the future after my growth for years, I could humbly share some of my opinions in Martial Arts to all our Uechi Family in our Newsletter, or somewhere I could travel to as the Uechi International Representative and Ambassador.
Lastly, may I wish you and our entire Uechi Family Every Success along with Good Health Always.
Best regards,
Bill Ng
Official Representative and Ambassador: Hong Kong (PRC).
Uechi Ryu International Karate Association

2018 Instructor’s Seminars

New for 2018, Uechi International will be sponsoring a series of Instructor’s Seminars. These Seminars classes will cover a wide range of topics and will highlight some of our most senior instructors. Watch your email for specific dates.

Seminar Guidelines:

·Open to all Uechi International kyu & dan ranks, and specially invited guests.

·Spaces for each seminar are limited due to Dojo size limitations.

·First come first served for spots in the seminars. Do not hesitate or procrastinate.

·Once the spots are filled, I will start a waiting list if need be.

·Please RSVP to Jay Salhanick – President Uechi International or

·Uniform – White Gi.

·Pictures are allowed.

Date-2018 Location City / Town Day Time Seminar Instructor Capacity
January 20 Steve DiOrio Dojo Billerica Saturday 9:30-11:30 Alex Kemos 8th dan 20
March Bob Bethoney Dojo Hanson Sunday 9:30-11:30 Bob Bethoney 9th dan 40
April 15 John Sullivan Dojo Hanover Sunday 9:30-11:30 John Sullivan 9th dan 30
May 6 John Sullivan Dojo Hanover Sunday 9:30-11:30 Jon Cierri 9th dan 30
June 9 Steve DiOrio Dojo Billerica Saturday 9:30-11:30 Steve Diorio 8th dan 20
July 14 John Sullivan Dojo Hanover Saturday 9:30-11:30 Mike Aceto 9th dan 30
November 4 Tim Ford Dojo Cambridge Sunday 9:30-11:30 Jay Salhanick 9th dan 50

From the Association President December 2017

Please let me start by saying how proud I am of being the President of Uechi International, and how our association has grown and developed over the past many years.   As the years passed and we grew and developed into the world-class association we are today, under the leadership of our Chairman Robert J. Campbell, it was not without a couple of bumps along the road, but nothing we ever considered serious.  Just a couple of minor growing pains that actually helped us on to where we are today — as one of the top tier Uechi Associations in the world.

As President, I bring to the table my 48 years of Uechi Ryu and Martial Art training.  My beliefs and philosophies below reflect in running the Association as it stands today:

  • Each and every instructor and dojo has its own character and identity. That individualized character and identity are developed and influenced directly by the dojo sensei.
  • I have always advised potential members to visit, watch and talk to other associations before making a decision about joining. This way, they can get a firsthand view of other groups that may fit their needs better than us.
  • This next statement is very important for the potential member to know and understand:
    • The most important question they need to ask themselves is – Do I fit into this type of environment. Is this association and its leadership – Chairman – Master Sensei Bob Campbell and President – Jay Salhanick, the best fit for me?  This is a personal decision that the potential member must make for themselves.
  • In turn, that is exactly what I think and ask myself when I am contacted and approached by potential Sensei’s seeking to join Uechi International.
  • I have learned over time that, not all instructors and dojos are for all students, just as not all associations are for all instructors and dojos to belong to.
  • As President, I have learned over time that I myself have made mistakes as I have accepted some instructors and dojos into the association when I should not have.
  • My gut told me that this was not going to be a good fit, but I chose to accept them against my better judgment and hoped for the Best. I WAS WRONG.    That was my mistake!  A mistake I will not repeat again.  I learned I should have trusted my gut. I will not repeat my mistakes of the past.

Today, Uechi International, I am proud to report is as strong and cohesive as it has ever been.  I am very proud to say, Uechi International is stronger than ever.  We are in a great place!

Please let me take a minute to  outline our association’s history:

  • The Uechi Ryu International Karate Association, also known as “Uechi International” was created under the direct authority of our Chairman, Master Sensei Robert J. Campbell.
  • When Sensei Campbell made the decision to open membership in his association outside of Asia, the very first dojo to join Uechi Hong Kong as it was called back then, was Sensei Jay Salhanick’s dojo, the Traditional Uechi Ryu Karate Institute, operated by  Sensei Campbell’s longtime student – Sensei Jay Salhanick, who was teaching and operating a dojo in Boston and Medford Massachusetts, along with running the karate program at the University of Massachusetts – Boston (1991 – 2005).
  • The association now had its first member dojo, outside of Asia and the association was growing and expanding.

Over the course of time, we have made some incredible advancement along with having the honor of welcoming a variety of new members.    Along with implementing new initiatives, seminars, training sessions and a yearly banquet.  That banquet draws members and friends in and out of Uechi Ryu and the Shohei Ryu Karate System from all over the United States.

As the President, I am extremely proud and happy to report that this is a very exciting time for Uechi International.  We are growing both nationally and internationally.    We have initiated many new and exciting events and activities.  Such as; Seminars, Training Sessions, General Meetings for all members to meet and get to know each other as people, and not just as a dojo workout partner.  This form of social interaction develops real friendships – Not just a casual Dojo friendship.

There is so much more coming to Uechi International.

I am very proud to be the President of this association.

Jay Salhanick

President: Uechi International.

9th dan.






Letter of Appointment

Letter of Appointment-5-9-18

Uechi Ryu International – Hong Kong

Announcement _ 1st of May 2018


We are honored and pleased to announce Master Sensei Jay Salhanick has been appointee to become Vice -Chairman of Uechi Ryu International effective immediately.

In this regard, Jay will run and directly supervise all aspects of our Association, Inclusive, maintaining standards of training, Dan Ranks and Promotions as well as any and all other needs required by our association.

I, Bob Campbell, shall take a Reserved & Retired position in our Association with No portfolio or Voting Rights within the day-to-day needs of our group.

Respectfully Yours,

Bob Campbell

Hong Kong-1st of May 2018

Vice President Appointment

On behalf of Master Sensei Robert J. Campbell and myself, we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Master Instructor Steve DiOrio 8th dan to the position of Vice President within the Uechi Ryu International Karate Association.     This appointment reflects Steve’s outstanding leadership and performance over many years, in a number of critical roles he has worked on and personally helped me with.   Steve has a clear understanding of the global nature of our organization, along with sound judgment, exceptional knowledge, and understanding of how to interact and affiliate with all Master Sensei’s, in and out of our association.     Steve brings to the table a wealth of business knowledge and skills that are needed for us as an association to grow and prosper.    I am looking forward to working with Steve on a high level on a number of future projects.  Please join me in congratulating Steve Sensei on his appointment to Vice President.

Message from Master Sensei Bob Campbell

Dear All,

May I take this opportunity to send to you and your family, my very best wishes during the celebration of the 4th of July festivities.    Let us not forget our men and women now serving in Uniform, whether they are in the Military or Law Enforcement, on this great Independence Day.   We thank them, One and All for their Service !  Have a Great Time, Stay Safe and Enjoy !!   Strength and Honor, Warmest Regards,


Bob Campbell

Student for Life in the Martial Arts

Hong Kong