TKI: Traditional Karate Institute

TKI: Traditional Karate Institute
Sensei Jay Salhanick, 8th dan

Sensei Jay Salhanick holds the rank of 8th degree black belt in Uechi Ryu Karate Do and has been a student of the Okinawan karate system known as “Uechi Ryu”, and other forms of Self-Defense for over 45 years.   While serving in the Marine Corp, he taught a variety of specialized and focused Martial Art and Self-Defense programs specifically designed for a variety of combat orientated missions and circumstances.  After his discharge from the Marine Corp in 1988, Sensei Salhanick opened his first Karate School, the Boston Karate Academy.  The school was originally located in the North End section of Boston and was later moved to Medford, Massachusetts.

In 1990, Sensei Salhanick was offered the Directorship of the Martial Arts Program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.   He oversaw and ran a successful program for over 10 years, before turning it over to one of his senior students.

Today, Sensei Salhanick is the President of the Uechi Ryu International Karate Association, and dedicates his time between his family, Uechi-International, his Law Enforcement Position (he is a Deputy Sheriff with the Plymouth County Sherriff’s Department), and the teaching of Uechi Ryu classes and seminars.

Sensei Salhanick is available to teach seminars and to visit member dojos as a guest instructor.  Please feel free to contact Sensei Salhanick: